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New look, new logo.

Leslie Hudson Music is getting a brand together. Take a look at my beautiful new logo!

I've spent years thinking about what imagery best represents me and the music I make. After working on my forthcoming album, Keep Left at the Fork (out March 19th 2020), I was brought back again and again to the life cycle of the butterfly. That chrysalis stage is a dark one because metamorphosis takes everything you've got from you. You break yourself free only when you're ready to live as something new.

This is me.

I live this cycle. From egg to elder, from crawling to flight. From the sunshine to the darkness to the sky to the earth. This journey I follow, born of instinct, innate and full of purpose, even when I can't see the full picture. This intergenerational knowledge passed on from mother to daughter to daughter again. Full circles.

The image I've chosen is an illustration of a tiger swallowtail: my favourite butterfly. I'm a lepidopteraphile so I love all kinds of moths and butterflies: swallowtails and fritillaries, azures and whites, sulphers and skippers, hairstreaks and painted ladies. I have a love affair with mourning cloaks and red admirals. I've raised monarchs and watched them emerge, transformed. But there has always been something about tiger swallowtails that sing to my soul. That flash of yellow gold in the summer sunshine, outlined in black, tipped with red and a rainbow of blues. I see one and my heart soars with it as it flies. It was a natural choice.

Au naturel.

This describes me, too. I don't really wear make-up. I'm happy doing things on my own. I live a fairly simple life. My heart lies in the woods, in the mountains, and on the strand. When I think about my musical style I struggle to categorize it. Rock, folk, myth, tapestry. The story is the body and the song gives it wings. The truth in plain sight.

I hope my logo evokes these things: simplicity, metamorphosis, the journey, and the natural world. Every butterfly has a song, a story, and strength. Through the painful beauty of transformation I'm sharing mine.

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