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New live album!

Released today, my first live album from my first trip to Germany. This is my 10th solo album and I'm thrilled to have released it on Bealtaine. Huge thanks go to Steve Macdonald for recording, mixing, mastering, and producing it, and for giving me a gentle artistic push to release it to the world.

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Leslie Hudson may not sound like a folk singer, but she has a storyteller's heart and it beats to whatever rhythm the story demands. For the first time, and upon request, the stories she tells at her live shows have been included as tracks in their own right on an album available to everyone. From 19th c. Germany and Denmark, to Medieval Spain, Ancient Ireland, and the birth of the Inuit Nation, tales passed on through generations of storytellers live on in literature, folk and sacred memory, and inspired the songs on this set list. A snapshot in time, captured in all its natural and heartfelt energy, this album brings to life the experience of a solo concert for a warm and wonderful crowd, and now you can join in the magic. "the StorySinger set: Live in Germany" is a live recording of Leslie Hudson's Guest of Honour Concert at CONtrapunkt, Wernigerode, Germany, 15 September 2018. Recorded in one take, the stories she tells and the songs inspired by them make up this 18-track, fully mastered performance of a storyteller, a songwriter, and a grand piano. All songs performed in this set were originally recorded in studio and released on "The Wanderlings Volume One" (2015) and "The Wanderlings Volume Two" (2016).

Performer: Leslie Hudson (grand piano, vocals) Piano: K. Kawai (pictured in photo by Leslie Hudson) Live Sound and Recording Engineers: Rika Körte, Steve Macdonald Mixing and Mastering by Steve Macdonald Produced by Leslie Hudson and Steve Macdonald All songs written by Leslie Hudson

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