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My new album has been born!

After 3 years on the road and the writing it inspired, the Kickstarter that successfully funded, the months and months of touring, the people I've met along the way, and the Fair Folk who've guided the entire process, Keep Left at the Fork has been released.

Happy spring equinox, everyone. I am so very proud of this project.

Where to find it.

For the first time my music can be found on streaming platforms all over the place. Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Bandcamp, and CD Baby. More coming soon, including Amazon Music.

Because it's my first time using any of these platforms as artist or a user, I'm having to set up artist pages all over the place as the album continues to spread through the network. So far Spotify is the one I've got a page for that is streaming my music and I'll keep plugging away at those until they're all set up. Then you can listen to Keep Left at the Fork wherever you listen to music!

Lady Teal's Curios Podcast.

Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Lady Teal on her podcast Lady Teal's Curios. We talked about everything from being raised in a fundamentalist household to synaesthesia to women's stories. We got to chat about my new album and my Patreon and what it's like to wear all the hats as an indie musician. I spoke about things I've never spoken about and you'll tell right away we clicked.

You can find Lady Teal's Curios on Spotify, iTunes, or any podcast player. I'm honoured to be part of her focus on women for Women's History Month. She's called it "Living a Kaleidoscopic Life with Leslie Hudson," and yes, that's me.

Bandcamp's gift to musicians.

Starting tonight at midnight tonight Bandcamp is waiving its 15% fees and letting musicians keep 100% of what they earn from their music. Just in time for Keep Left at the Fork! This means any time on Friday March 20th you can buy my new album with no middle-person, no broker, no cut going anywhere but to me, the artist. If you've been waiting to buy other indie musicians' work now's the time to help us all out as we face income loss on every side. We appreciate your support!


Another way to help balance our lost income is to support us on Patreon. I have tiers at $3, $7, $13, and $21/mo, and am sharing everything from shielding techniques, Irish history and language studies, stories behind the songs I write, mp3s, photos, full moon experiences, insight into my personal practice, and reviews of the books, folklore and sacred stories I read each month. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you're warmly welcomed to join me on Patreon.

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