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Fresh and clean for the new year.

Welcome to the sparkly new home of Leslie Hudson Music online! Since making the decision not to tour the US in 2020 I've had time to catch up on, tackle, and face all the things I've meant to do, or been wanting to do, or been afraid to do while I was on tour. Learning how to build a website was high on that list.


My old website took a tonne of work to create, but also to maintain and I didn't have the skills to do either job. Fortunately for me - and others like me who've never done this before - there are loads of choices now as far as design partners, templates, and hosting go. I decided to work with and I'm thrilled so far with what I've been able to accomplish.


I wanted to create a website that gave you a direct line to what I do: music, writing, travel, and spiritual work. I delve deeply into the spirituality behind my creativity on Patreon. I've started a subscription service on Bandcamp to share the song-a-week challenge I've committed to for 2020. Here, I have the space to blog more regularly, and for the first time I've got a place to host playlists of my music.


I don't have my music on iTunes or Spotify or Amazon. There are reasons for this (lack of time to research, needing a broker, and not liking the idea of my music funding megastars). So I was really excited when I discovered I can create playlists here on my new website where you can stream them free of charge! I've started by making 3: Myth & Folklore; Geek Girl; and She's Got This. No matter your style preference, I'm hoping there's something for you.


We're in for a challenging year: the state of the world in climate and politics; mental health decline; survival training. Focusing on creativity in the face of refugee crises, immoral incarceration, homelessness and raging fires might seem frivolous on the surface, but it's when we are tested and compromised and struggling that we need hope. Making music gives me hope. However you create, carve a space for it if you can. I plan to sing my heart out in 2020.

#newyear #newfocus

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