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January's reading list.

I've set myself the task of re-elasticizing my mind by engaging with literature, folklore, myth, sacred teachings, poetry, language and vocabulary expansion this year. At the end of each month I'll share with you what I've been reading and learning about. If you'd like to hear my deeper thoughts, come join my Patreon group and you'll gain access to a whole lot more!


  1. The Morrigan (Morgan Daimler)

  2. Mind of the Raven (Bernd Heinrich)

  3. The Golden Phoenix and Other Fairy Tales From Quebec (Marius Barbeau & Michael Hornyansky)

  4. The Rules of Magic (Alice Hoffman)

  5. The Places That Scare You (Pema Chödrön)


  1. "The Tale of White Bear" from Swedish Folktales and Legends (Lone Thygesen Blecher & George Blecher)

  2. Lum-Fu and the Golden Mountain [Chinese] (Hisako Kimishima)

  3. "Winkle, Tinkle, and Twinkle" [modern British-Canadian] from The Winter Flower and Other Fairy Stories (Ann Montrose)

  4. "The Happy Prince" [Victorian Irish] from The Happy Prince and Other Tales (Oscar Wilde)

  5. "Of Nettles and Roses" [Yiddish] from Yiddish Folktales (Beatrice Silverman Weinrich & Leonard Wolf)

Sacred Stories.

  1. "Bear-skin Woman" [Blackfoot] from White Wolf Woman and Other Native American Transformation Myths (Teresa Pijoan)

  2. "The Vision of Kitche Manitou" from Ojibway Heritage (Basil Johnston)

  3. "The Master of the Caribou" [Naskapi] from Essential Sacred Writings from Around the World (Mircea Eliade)

  4. "The Ten Objects-of-Transcendent-Knowledge (maha-vidya)" from The Myths and Gods of India (Alain Daniélou)

  5. "The Exegesis on the Soul" [Gnostic] from The Nag Hammadi Library (James M. Robinson)


Old Irish

  • cor "contract" solemn verbal contract recognized under early Irish Law

  • ainim "soul" "life"

  • imbas “great knowledge” “poetic talent, inspiration” “fore-knowledge” “magic lore” “referring especially to knowledge or fore-knowledge obtained by magic or occult means"


  • pied-á-terre a small living unit usually located in a large city away from a person’s primary residence


  • weathercock a weathervane in the form of a rooster

  • exegesis critical explanation of interpretation of a text, especially of scripture

  • caching hiding away for later use, specifically in the context of ravens hiding food


  • Corvus corax common raven

  • Corvus brachyrhynchos American crow

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