Leslie Hudson answers the bardic call by singing to light the paths women walk through life and myth and media. She's a stirring storyteller, songwriter and performer all in one with songs that cut to the heart in a tapestry of styles, bringing women who've lived, women who haunt our mythic memory, and women who inhabit our current consciousness to the stage. Her music sounds like Tori Amos and Loreena McKennitt swapped set lists and got out the whiskey.

Choosing to play venues and events that support women's voices and the strength of diversity, Leslie and her keyboard tour across Canada, the US and Europe, performing at conventions, pagan shops, and house concerts for indie-friendly communities. Her albums range from full band rock to evocative instrumental to melodic folk tinged with jazz and blues, on themes as diverse as folklore & myth, redheaded comic book characters, Star Trek, and life as a touring indie musician.

Modern heroines are often unrealistic caricatures, but Leslie's stories evoke both marrow and mask. Performed with equal parts passion, vulnerability and ferocity, her songs are character studies of archetype & divinity, the psyche and the female condition.


"Leslie Hudson [is] a navigatrix of thorn-rich thickets...adept at recognizing that living stories are not finished... Give her half a shot at enchanting you, and you'll find your time well spent." -- S. J. Tucker

"[Hudson] seeks to get under the skin of [her] characters, probe their fictitious souls and, through the raw power of her music, to make them flesh-and-blood, to honor them with real human angst. And the results are nothing short of spectacular." -- Daniel Jun Kim, Pop Mythology

"There is something supernatural about Leslie that grips you and makes you pay attention." -- Matthew Cimone, Chasing Atlantis

"Leslie Hudson is the Tori Amos of geek music." -- Dr. Jessica Hebert, The PDX Broadsides

"Leslie Hudson is a force of nature." -- Deborah Baudoin, The Harmony Heifers

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